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Solar-powered pay-as-you-go agricultural transformation machines for farmers without access to the grid.

  • Agsol (1)
  • Agsol (2)
  • Agsol (3)

Operating in Kenya, AGSOL provides a dual solution combining productive agricultural machinery and solar energy. Aimed at agricultural producers off the electric grid, the machines convert grain into edible food products, creating greater market value. Powered by solar energy, these systems also provide additional energy services. 

Providing a responsible and affordable solution for farmers

In Africa, many farmers do not have access to reliable energy to mill their production. The milling of the raw materials produced (such as cereals, manioc, millet, maize, rice, corn, wheat, etc.) therefore involves manual milling or the use of diesel mills. The latter represent a significant cost, in the long term, linked in particular to the cost of buying diesel and regular maintenance. They are also a source of combustion emissions, which are harmful to the environment and to the health of populations.

To address these issues, Agsol offers robust solutions designed for off-grid environments. Powered by solar energy, agricultural equipment transforms staple foods efficiently into higher-value, ready-to-be cooked products.

Easy to set up and operate, agricultural processing machinery enables farmers to increase crop yields, boost village economies and generate new income through payment for milling services. Accessible on a pay-as-you-go basis, the machines also provide off-grid communities with access to clean energy and other essential services such as village and home lighting.


  • 788 deployed machines
  • Nearly 94,000 people impacted
  • Creation of social and economic value in rural areas
  • Reduces CO2 emissions from diesel machinery in common use

Why is total access to energy solutions supporting this project?

We believe that access to energy is not just about providing lighting solutions, but also about helping impacted communities create economic value in a sustainable way through clean solutions for productive use.