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Sunshine Kiosk

Robust, easy and cost effective solar solution for modern stand-alone shops in remote areas.

Fitted with solar panels and batteries, the Sunshine Kiosk is the ideal solution for developing a business in remote off-grid areas. A wide range of configurations are available to meet the needs of the planned business: lighting, phone charging, TV, refrigeration and internet service. ​

  • Packshot basic
  • Packshot internet version
  • Packshot TV version



Fully waterproof


Easy to assemble and maintain


2 years warranty


Six interior shelves adjustable


Various kiosk configurations


Cost effective

Potential uses

Proximity Services

Point of sales

Charging station


Cooling systems

Mobile Money Services


Equipment choice

50 Watt DC Solar system

  • 50W Solar panel with mounting system
  • 84Wh SLA battery pack (12V, 7Ah)
  • 8-Port USB phone charger
  • 2 x 3W LED light bulb (100 lumens)


60 Watt DC Solar system

  •  60W solar panel with mounting system
  • 240Wh Home power Station (16V, 15Ah LFP battery)
  • 8-Port USB phone charger
  • 3 x 3W LED light bulb (100 lumens)"


1 KVA AC Solar system

  • 2 x 250W solar panel with mounting system
  • 1KVA Inverter ( output: AC 110V / 220V)
  • External 2048Wh LFP battery (25.6V, 80Ah)
  • 10-Port USB phone charger
  • 2 x 3W LED light bulb (100 lumens)"

26L DC Fridge (without battery)

  • Can hold up to 30 cans of drinks
  • Cooling temperature: -18°C ~ 10°C"


26L DC Fridge (with battery)

  • Can hold up to 30 cans of drinks
  • Cooling temperature: -18°C ~ 10°C"


62L DC Fridge (without battery)

  • Can hold up to 70 cans of drinks
  • Cooling temperature: -18°C ~ 10°C"

32” Solar TV

  • Low energy comsumtion
  • S2 & T2
  • 16:9 Screen ratio


3 x 10” Tablet

  • 16GB
  • Android System

Wifi System

  • ZyXel WiFi hotspot UAG50
  • 3G/4G Card router
  • 2.4GHz WiFi Outdoor antenna, 14dbi"


  • Compartment : W1.9m, D2.05m, H2.36m
  • Roof : W2.26m, D2.33m
  • Overall : W2.26m, D2.33m, H2.43m
  • Sales window : W1.7m, H1m
  • TV/ Tablet Window (only for TV kiosk / Tablet kiosk) : W1.8m, H0.8m

  • Wall and roof : 50mm Steel-foam panel
  • Floor : Cement composite
  • Floor mat : PVC
  • Footing : Steel base frame
  • Column & edge bracing : Aluminum
  • Wall decoration :4 sides exterior graphic stickers with UV resistance
  • Others : Silicon glue for water proof sealing

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